News - cloud service for donor drives inventory

15.08.2018 12:00 - cloud service for donor drives inventory

Dear colleagues! We are glad to present you our new project

The idea was born about 6 months ago. We created a database and the iOS app for inventory of our donor drives. After 1 month using it, we were so impressed, that we decided to do it for all our data recovery community.

Main condition! Using service will be FREE! (You will able to make a copy of your DB in any moment and use it in any other soft. You can import your HDD database in any format (xml, xls, xlsx, csv etc.). Just email it to us. Later, you will be able to do it directly from your account, but now we have to do it manually. Sorry for temporary inconvenience.)

Also, we are going to develop sales on the platform. If you wish to become a seller, then we’ll take a small percent. 

We are going to create safe, affordable price and huge choice of HDD marketplace

Please give your opinion, wishes and suggestion.