Our clients

Jared Palmer, USA, www.data-medics.com:
"These are truly professional data recovery tools at a price anyone can afford.  Well machined and designed with professional work in mind.  Unlike some others, they actually listen to feedback from their customers and adjust their designs accordingly.  Great head replacement tools and my absolute favorite work bench.  A+ in my opinion"

Martin Schauerhammer, Germany, www.030-datenrettung.de:
"The data recovery tools from Apextoollab are well made and helped us to recover several critical cases. The pricing is pretty low for what you will get: great tools, fast shipping and good packaging. Its one tool you should not miss if you are in the data recovery field."

Luke Coughey, Canada, www.recoveryforce.com:
"I've been doing data recovery for almost 20 years now and have seen and tried various tools for head changes and none have been able to compete with a simple strip of plastic folded in half, until now.  Although the selection is still quite limited right now, those that are currently offered for head changes from AceToolLab are solid, simple to use and affordable.  I was skepticle at first, but now that I've put them to use, I plan to purchase several more sets and anxiously await more hard drive models to be supported."

Larry Sabo, Canada, www.sabocomputerrepairs.com:
"In the past, I used the "manual" method to deal with head stiction. With my Ace Tool Lab unstuck tools, I can confidently remove stuck head stacks without the risk of ripping off sliders or scratching platters. And their head swap tools make head swaps a breeze, and risk-free. I no longer deal with blister-pack head combs that pop out of place and slide around while trying to work.  These precision-made tools are excellent, affordable and something every data recovery professional should have."

Marcus Cercal, Brazil, www.engenhariadohd.com:
"Apextoollab is the best choice for mechanics tools in the data recovery field. Price and quality are awesome"

Gershon Korlandski, Israel, www.resave.co.il:
"These tools provide great value for money, really professional tools with a price that everyone can afford"

Nainesh Desai, India, www.micro-solution.net:

"Remarkable Tool ,Apextoollab has developed for Head Replacement and remove stuck head stacks without the risk of scratching. High Quality Head Replacement tool at affordable cost, Simply Great."

Mohammed Sajid, U.A.E, www.lifeguarddatarecovery.com:

"Professional tools makes physical recovery much easy. Really Appreciate keep up. Good work..."


Md. Mahbub Hossain Shahi, Bangladesh, www.datarecoverystation.com:

"The tools are made professional and effective. We are highly satisfied with the make of it's quality, we have been in data recovery business for years and their tools must be in your collection if you are serious about data recovery."


RecuperoDatos.com, Argentina, www.recuperodatos.com:

"Not only they have excellent quality data recovery tools to a pretty accessible price, but also, we must point out the good attitude and attention of the staff towards their clients. They really worry about them and make you feel well-cared. In our opinion, it’s the best company. Good, nice and cheap!"


RecuperoDati299, Italy, www.RecuperoDati299euro.it:

"We are really happy returning customers of APEXTOOLLAB. These hard drive data recovery tools are really good made, highly professional and smart, mean under the perspective of the high-quality/price ratio which exactly reflects our data recovery services policy at RecuperoDati299. Highly recommended tools and company."


Joel Van Der Horst, Dominican Republic, www.recuperamidata.com:

"Excellent customer service and better yet excellent tools for Data Recovery period, really impressive designs and material, i know eventually i will buy all apextoollab equipment. Keep up the excellent work. Cheers."


B.G.Daminda Niroshana, Sri Lanka, www.isurulankatech.com:

"I am Really Appreciate keep up…. Excellent Tools for Head Swap Process…Highly Recommended."


Tim Homer, USA, www.desertdatarecovery.com:

"As a professional data recovery company we need to use the best tools available. Apex Tool Labs head swap tools are a great addition to our cleanroom. Apex products are high quality and are supplied at a very reasonable price. But not only that, they give great customer service and are always launching new tools to keep up with market demands. I highly recommend them."


Ghassan El Khouri, Brazil, www.datasalvationbrasil.com:

"One of the best tool for professional data recovery is Apextoollab. Their products are accurate and fit very well for every type of hard disk head exchange .Their attendance before and after sale is excellent. I recommend "


Don Anderson, USA, www.TriStateData.com:

"Apex Tool Lab has played a critical role in our World-Class data recovery facility's expansion into New York City.  Apex Tool Lab shares the passion and engineering required to make a company great. "


Oleg Stadnik, Ukraine, www.datarecovery.net.ua:

"We’re very thankful to Apextoollab for high quality and affordable tools. High level communication. Fast shipping. We’ll order more tools. Keep up the good work! "


Peter Dinhofer, USA, www.drivelabs.us:

"Like Luke Coughey, I was able to make simple tools to accomplish what most expensive head removal kits do. The main drawback is making sure that the tool fit the device whether it be folded plastic or Styrofoam pieces. I have looked at others and found them way too expensive to save a few minutes. The Apex Tool Set worked perfectly making my job much easier. I also tried a cheaper alternative made from plastic. The tolerances were off and ruined a set of heads. Thank you Andrey for a great product."


Allan Sørensen, Denmark, www.digitalsupport.dk:

"Tools from ApexToolLab is a must for any professional data recovery business. The well build and clever made tools has helped in countless of cases. Minimizes the risks in repairing a hard drive. "


Andy Watson, United Kingdom, www.datarecovery.co.uk:

"The more obtainable precise data recovery tools are.. the higher the success rate will be. It’s a win win. That’s why I use apex "


Frank Java, USA, www.asapdatarecovery.com:

"Purchasing Platter extractor for 2.5" and 3.5 was one of the best. We are using this tool on daily bases for advanced data recovery cases. Big thank you from ASAP Data Recovery team for designing such a great tool."


Gianluca Bonfanti, Italy, www.asapdatarecovery.com:

"Since some years we use  APEXTOOLLAB tools - they are very effective and handy to use, this leads to simplifying our daily work, thank you for this  instruments!"


Oded Kuznik, Australia, www.goldcoastdatarecovery.com.au:

"I've been doing clean room work for many years and quality high precision tools are a must to achive good results in this line of work. Through the years we tried many tools including DIY tools that worked well, costly head combs which were good but too expensive to cheap head combs that were not precise enough and tend to break. I am very thankfull that Apextoollab are filling a gap in this industry and providing great precision tools that last and help us solve very complex cases. I highly recommend their tools. Great communication, customer service and fast shipping."