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 We have been a data recovery laboratory since 2007. In 2015 we started to produce professional high-precision data recovery tools. All our tools are made of anodized duralumin, which makes it fully antistatic and very easy to clean.


Cooming soon

Cooming soon

Platters holder will be available for sale from October.

New tools for 2.5"

New tools for 2.5"

In July 2017 we released new 2.5" tools for Seagate Slim 1-2 platters.

Ready for sale!

Ready for sale!

C-type tool for Seagate 3-4 platters available for sale from June. 

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Head replacement tools (C-type)

Tools namePhotoSupported models hddPlattersType HDDPriceOrder
SEA 11/ES2/LP 4SEA 11/ES2/LP 4Barracuda 7200.9/.10/.11/ES/ES.2/LP3-43.5"150.00$ Add

Head replacement tools (Slim)

Tools namePhotoSupported models hddPlattersType HDDPriceOrder
SS1(a pair)SS1(a pair)Seagate slim12.5"30.00$ Add
SS2(a pair)SS2(a pair)Seagate slim22.5"30.00$ Add

Head replacement tools (Ramp)

Tools namePhotoSupported models hddPlattersType HDDPriceOrder
SET 1; 8 pcs (4 pairs SM ,WS ,WF , SF)Seagate, WD, Samsung80.00$ Add
WS (a pair)WS (a pair)Zephyr, Mariner, Denali22.5"25.00$ Add
SF (a pair)SF (a pair)Freeplay3-42.5"25.00$ Add
WF (a pair)WF (a pair)Firebird, Shrek, FBlite22.5"25.00$ Add
SM (a pair)SM (a pair)M8, M8E, M8BP2, M7S222.5"25.00$ Add
SET 2; 8 pcs (4 pairs ST ,56 ,MK , MQ)Seagate, Toshiba2.5"80.00$ Add
ST (a pair)ST (a pair)Momentus Thin12.5"25.00$ Add
56 (a pair)56 (a pair)7200.3, 7200.4, 7200.5, 5400.5, 5400.622.5"25.00$ Add
MK (a pair)MK (a pair)MK22.5"25.00$ Add
MQ (a pair)MQ (a pair)MQ12.5"25.00$ Add
SET 3; 8 pcs (4 pairs WF4 ,M9 ,T2 , H2)WD, Toshiba, Samsung, Hitachi80.00$ Add
WF4 (a pair)WF4 (a pair)Firebird, Shrek, FBlite3-42.5"25.00$ Add
M9 (a pair)M9 (a pair)M932.5"25.00$ Add
T2 (a pair)T2 (a pair)MQ22.5"25.00$ Add
H2 (a pair)H2 (a pair)A922.5"25.00$ Add

Head unstick and replacement tools(E-type)

Tools namePhotoSupported models hddPlattersType HDDPriceOrder
Full set 25 pcs350.00$ Add
WD SABRE 1WD SABRE 1Sabre13.5"20.00$ Add
WD ODYSSEY 2WD ODYSSEY 2Odyssey1-23.5"20.00$ Add
WD DRAGFLY 3WD DRAGFLY 3Atlantis, Kermit, DragFly2, DragFly3, Sadle G6, Tornado1-33.5"20.00$ Add
WD RAIDER 3WD RAIDER 3Raider, Hawk, Hawk 2, Starling2-33.5"20.00$ Add
WD ZEUS 4WD ZEUS 4Zeus43.5"20.00$ Add
SEA 9/10/11/12 1SEA 9/10/11/12 1Barracuda 7200.9/.10/.11/.1213.5"20.00$ Add
SEA 11/12/ES.2/LP 2SEA 11/12/ES.2/LP 2Barracuda 7200.11/ES.2/LP23.5"20.00$ Add
SEA 7200.7 2SEA 7200.7 2Barracuda 7200.7/ATA lV/ATA V1-23.5"20.00$ Add
SEA GRENADA 3SEA GRENADA 3Grenada, Bogard1-33.5"20.00$ Add
SEA 8/9/10/ES 3SEA 8/9/10/ES 3Barracuda 7200.8/.9/.10/ES2-33.5"20.00$ Add
SEA 11/ES.2/LP 4SEA 11/ES.2/LP 4Barracuda 7200.9/.10/.11/ES/ES.2/LP3-43.5"20.00$ Add
SAM F1/F2/F3 1SAM F1/F2/F3 1F1, F2, F313.5"20.00$ Add
SAM PALO 2SAM PALO 2Palo, Delphi, Poseidon1-23.5"20.00$ Add
SAM F1/F2/F3 3SAM F1/F2/F3 3F1, F2, F32-33.5"20.00$ Add
SAM T133/T166 3SAM T133/T166 3T133, T1662-33.5"20.00$ Add
MAX DM9 1MAX DM9 1DiamondMax Plus 9/10/1613.5"20.00$ Add
MAX DM9 3MAX DM9 3DiamondMax Plus 9/10/1633.5"20.00$ Add
SEA FREEPLAY 4SEA FREEPLAY 4Freeplay3-42.5"20.00$ Add
SEA MOMENTUS 2SEA MOMENTUS 2M8, M8E, M8BP2, M7S21-22.5"20.00$ Add
WD SCORPIO 2WD SCORPIO 2Zephyr, Mariner, Denali22.5"20.00$ Add
WD FIREBIRD 2WD FIREBIRD 2Firebird, Shrek, FBlite22.5"20.00$ Add
WD Firebird 4WD Firebird 4Firebird, Shrek, FBlite3-42.5"20.00$ Add
SAM M9 3SAM M9 3M932.5"20.00$ Add
HGST A9 2HGST A9 2A922.5"20.00$ Add

Work bench

Tools namePhotoPriceOrder
Work benchWork bench100.00$ Add

Please, use the price table or send a request to make an order:

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