Improvements, revision, free tools and other news

03.07.2022 17:00

Improvements, revision, free tools and other news

 We are pleased to announce that over the past 3 months we have completely refined and improved all of our instruments based on the collected feedback from our customers over several years. This includes improving the shape, correcting the pin holes, and correcting the space between the heads. We have also strengthened the bending point of the instruments. We created a new measuring and testing technique. This allowed us to improve the accuracy of our instruments.

We found that some instruments had a flaw. For these instruments, we can do a free exchange. The following tools:
1. WF4 tool, old version had too wide between heads space - free exchange
2. PB5 and CH2 previous version backside was too long, it made difficulty work with connector - free exchange

All other tools of previous versions are absolutely operable, but if someone wants to improve it to the latest version, we can make a good discount.

 In addition, we have to announce price increases for ramp instruments. Legally, we have relocated our company to Kazakhstan in order to retain the ability to accept payments through PayPal. This creates additional costs and fees for us. When we can get our price back, we are happy to do so.
We are keeping our price on e-type and c-type tools.

Also, we are starting to produce e-type tools using plastic. It will be x2 cheaper than aluminum version. Preorders are being accepted.